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Paint Glow Neon UV Eye Liner

When it comes to drawing outside the lines and taking risks, Paint Glow isn’t shy. And neither should you be. Our vibrant liquid UV Neon Eye Liner delivers a stunning look that is smudge-proof and smear-proof. One fine line can transform an entire look so with the help of our favorite eye product, you can create the wildest designs with no mess or excess.

Paint Glow Neon UV Eye Mascara

Are you bored of your trusty black mascara? Are you in search of a head turning alternative, that can provide maximum volume and length, as well as ticking this season’s trend boxes? Well, say hello to Paint Glow™ UV Mascara, a product that is about to bring a whole new definition to eye makeup as you currently know it.

Paint Glow Neon UV Eye Shadow

We don’t know about you, but we are always looking for ways to refresh our beauty bag with the latest make-up items. If you’re feeling quite overwhelmed with palettes, now’s the time to add some singles to your collection. Paint Glow’s cute and compact Neon UV Eye Shadows will help you to create looks that are simple and easy to execute but will have the maximum effect. Draw attention to your alluring assets by dressing them up in the most dazzling and dynamic shades on the market.

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