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Wildfire Invisible Clear Colors

  • These water base polyurthane top coats are clear under ordinary light, but reveal their color under black light. They are the "secret weapons" for creating invisible image artwork.

Wildfire Visible Luminescent Paints

  • The standard in quality for the visual effects professional, These paints appear bright under ordinary lighting and fluoresce brilliantly under black light.

Wildfire Invisible Luminescent Paints

  • These water base acrylic paints appear white under ordinary light, and fluoresce their color only under black light. Perfect for those ultra-cool dual image paintings.

Wildfire Phosphorescent Paints

  • These paints glow very intensely under black light, making them similar to the Wildfire Invisible Paints...except that they continue to glow after the lights are turned off!

Wildfire Primers, Sealers & Reducers

  • Specifically formulated to work with Wildfire black light paints without affecting their performance or diminishing their fluorescent qualities.

Wildfire Artist Kits

  • A sampling of Wildfire Visible and Invisible Luminescent paints, just the right size and selection for those small projects.

Paint Glow Body Splash Paints

  • Squirt it, throw it, dance in it. That’s right, with the revolutionary neon pigment of UV Body Splash Paint, you can release your inhibitions and expect nothing less than a kaleidoscope of hypnotic accents. Splatter over friends or blast over crowds- with the unique water based formula of this UV Party Paint, expect maximum splatter, but minimal clean up time.

Paint Glow Fabric Paints

  • You’re the Designer! Now your clothes can be as unique as your make up. Easy to apply, create your wearable masterpiece with the fine nozzle tip. Leave to dry for 24 hours and then iron on the reverse to make a permanent design. Glows under black light.

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