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Cap, Wildfire, Embroidered, Adjustable

This stylish black cap sports the Wildfire flaming logo embroidered in fluorescent orange thread. It features 100% cotton to keep you cool, and an adjustable one-size-fits-all band.

  • $19.99

Color Card, Wildfire Luminescent Paints

Wildfire Luminescent Paint Color Card includes paint swatches for Wildfire Visible, Invisible, Cear Color and Phosphorescent paint colors.

Luminescent Water Dye

Turn any fountain or closed water system into a spectacular black light effect with Wildfire Luminescent Water Dye.Available in five different colors. Each color reacts strongly to black light. Not intended for human consumption. Will stain skin.

Tee Shirts, Wildfire, Screened

These black, 100% cotton T-shirts sport our famous flaming logo in full technicolor! Plus, it's made by Hanes so you know you're getting quality. Available in short and long sleeve.

Wildfire 15W Fluorescent Black Light

This 19", 15W Flourescent Black Light from Wildfire features a metal housing with two position mounting, power switch and 6' power cord.

  • $15.99

Wildfire Adjustable L Bracket Kit UB-42, UB-44

Enables adjustable mounting of our UltraBlade Series model UB-42 and UB-44 onto any flat surface as well as on a truss system using our optional truss clamp.

  • $29.00
  • Custom Configuration

Wildfire Artist Kit: 10 Visible Fluorescents

This kit includes all 10 visible fluorescent colors from the Wildfire Luminescent Paint line.

  • $54.47

Wildfire Artist Kit: 5 Invisible Fluorescents

This kit includes five 1 oz. containers of Wildfire Invisible Luminescent Paint.

  • $46.87

Wildfire Barn Door, 10", LT-400F, VS-120

This Barn Door is designed to fit our Long-Throw 400 series fixtures.

  • $100.00

Wildfire Barn Door, 7.5", LT-150, 250, VS-60

This barn door is designed to fit our Long-Throw 150 and 250 series fixtures.

  • $75.00

Items 1-10 of 61