Large GearVault Case, 21" x 17" x 15"

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Protect your lighting fixture investment with a custom stack-able road case designed to fit your Wildfire fixture and any associated mounting hardware and accessories perfectly. Rotationally molded from polyethylene these stack-able cases feature one-piece construction, uniform wall thickness and reinforced corners and ribs for the ultimate in lightweight, crush-proof protection. Recessed, shear-resistant stainless-steel hardware provides enhanced protection and extends the usable life of the case. Polyethylene is also inherently resistant to dents, fractures and fungus, along with most chemicals and solvents. A unique interlocking pattern on the top and bottom of this stack-able case makes it easy to secure multiples of the same case to help prevent load shifting during transport.

  • Stackable Grid System Design
  • Stress-free low-pressure rotomold construction
  • Military Grade Toughness
  • IP-65 Rated for Superior Protection
  • Recessed Stainless Steel Latches and Hinges
  • Spring Loaded Handles
  • Air Pressure Release Valve
  • Stainless Steel ID Card Holder
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