Lamp, LED, SableLED, T8, 365nm, 48" 15W

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3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

SableLED® is a revolutionary new 365nm black light LED tube lamp series from Wildfire. Featuring a true Woods filter glass tube for maximum UV output, these UV lamps have the lowest visible light component of any black light LED tube lamp on the market. Available in 24” or 48” lengths, SableLED lamps are the ultimate black light fluorescent retrofit and can be used in any fixture designed or modified to accept self-ballasted, line voltage LED tube lamps.

  • High-output 365nm black light LEDs
  • Self-ballasted, instant on
  • Universal input voltage
  • True Woods filter glass
  • 365nm spectral peak
  • Humidity and moisture resistant
  • Flicker and RF interference free
  • Long 20,000-hour average life
  • UL recognized and FCC compliant
SableLED lamps accept line voltage of 120-277VAC, making it relatively easy to retrofit most existing fluorescent fixtures by simply bypassing the ballast. (Do not insert SableLED lamps into ballasted fixtures without first bypassing the ballast.) Because SableLED lamps require no external ballast, they reduce the maintenance costs from having two points of potential failure (lamp and ballast). Simply replace the lamp when it fails. SableLED lamps are also rated for 20,000 hours, which further reduces maintenance costs, especially for large facilities like bowling, laser tag, and indoor golf centers.

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