Invisible Clear Paint

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Wildfire® Invisible Clear Paints appear transparent under ordinary lighting, changing to bright, glowing colors when black light is applied. Wildfire Invisible Clear Paints are formulated to be the brightest and truest in color when illuminated by a Wildfire 365nm UV black light. They will not activate correctly if illuminated by black light wavelengths longer than 370nm. These paints are premixed for spray application and dry quickly to a smooth, satin finish that is water resistant and flexible. Wildfire Clear Paints are water-base and clean up easily with soap and water.

  • Supersaturated pigmentation provides the most powerful luminescence available
  • Exclusive color formulations that react brilliantly to black light
  • Artist quality, 100% acrylic polyurethane base retains binder and opacity when mixed with water
  • Ideal for a wide range of surfaces, including muslin, fabric, plastic, metal and wood
  • Dries to a smooth satin finish that is water resistant and flexible

Wildfire-brand paints and coatings were originally developed for the scenic studios of Hollywood, where they’re used to create dramatic visual effects for film, television and amusement parks. Because of their proven quality and power to impress, these products have become the standard choice for the visual effects professional. When you need maximum brilliance, total coverage, ease of application and true color balance, the only true choice is Wildfire.

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